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Webinar - Flooding in New Brunswick: Cause and Effect

By Nick Spacek |  Jan 3, 2021  | news

From the Jemseg Grand Lake Watershed Association:

Join us to learn more about what caused the 2018 flood in the lower Wələstəq (Saint John River). Jasmin Boisvert joined the Hydrology Centre in 2016, and has been updating New Brunswick’s flood forecasting/modelling tools, among other things. Previously, Jasmin has worked on research projects regarding hydrological modelling, statistical hydrology, and water availability.

This is a free Zoom-based Webinar taking place on Thursday, January 14th at 7:00 p.m. Atlantic time. Click here to register [].

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Yoho Lake Christmas Sale 2020

By Nick Spacek |  Dec 3, 2020  | news
  • 2021 Calendars have arrived!
  • New Christmas Loon Ornament!
  • Still have lots of Hoodies, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs …..

Great Ideas to make your Christmas Shopping easy.

Covid Protocols in place. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, December 5th

374 Yoho Lake

Send to if you’d like to order ahead

2021 Calendar
2021 Calendar
Loon Ornament
Loon Ornament
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Algae Bloom

By Nick Spacek |  Sep 22, 2020  | news

Updated post, September 23, 2020, 7:00am

We have received a response from the Department of Environment and Local Government:

Thank you for letting us know about the bloom on Yoho Lake near the outlet. In terms of questions or messaging around public health and algae blooms please see the webpages below from the Department of Health. If residents still have further questions they can call the Fredericton Public Health office at 453-2830.


Original post, September 22, 2020

Please note a potential bloom has been noted in the outlet and Bonny Hoyt-Hallet has notified the Department of Environment and Local Government.

Please take appropriate precautions and avoid water in that area.

For those drawing water from the lake, an alternative source is recommended as lake water should not be used for bathing or cooking until the area is clear.

We will update with more information when it is available.

Please refer to the government website on algae blooms / Cyanobacteria for more information.

We have attached some pictures from the outlet, click the button below to view them.

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August 25, 2020 Wildlife Spotlight: Modest Sphinx Moth

By Nick Spacek |  Aug 25, 2020  | wildlife-spotlight

modest sphinx caterpillar

Over the weekend we spotted what initially looked like a green pine cone… until it squirmed. Turned out it was the caterpillar form of the Modest Sphinx Moth!

Adults are on wing from mid-June to mid-July in Canada. In the northern part of the range, there is one generation with adults on wing from may to July. Farther south, there might be two generations per year.

The larvae feed on poplar, willow and cottonwood species

- Source: Wikipedia

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2020 Yoho Lake Association Annual General Meeting

By Nick Spacek |  Aug 19, 2020  | news, events

2020 Yoho Lake Association AGM

2pm on Sunday Sept 13th at 374 Yoho Lake Road.

Outdoor meeting (following the self distancing rule set out by the province) we do have a location to use but we would need to be RSVP. No BBQ at the meeting and bring your own lawn chair would be a must. Meeting time will be controlled to allow for discussion but limit time required

We are looking for attendance and input in this trying situation.

Topics for Discussion

  1. Blue Green Algae Bloom
  2. Geese Population/Potential ETF application for vegetation/fencing
  3. Funday Boat Parade and Fireworks
  4. Vacant Positions on Board

Membership renewal is also a big part of the AGM, we included forms in the welcome packs as well as have a printable form on the website that can be mailed in.

Please reply to by August 31, 2020, or call my cell 506-260-3889.

Membership Form

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University of New Brunswick Fish Research

By Nick Spacek |  Jul 29, 2020  | news

A group with the University of New Brunswick is placing three nets in the Scout Camp area, marked by buoys. The will be sampling fish species in Yoho Lake over the next few days.

Please avoid visiting these areas and do not disturb the nets or buoys.

The information collected will be provided to the Yoho Lake Association.

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Blue Green Algae Confirmation

By Nick Spacek |  Jul 21, 2020  | news, featured

The result of the water sample taken at the Scout Camp last week has been received and confirmed as Blue Green Algae.

We have attached an update from the Department of Health confirming that Blue Green Algae was detected in water samples taken at the lake last week. Please read more here: AlgaeSheet.pdf

Update: We have reached out to the Department of Health for more information, as many of our residents are expressing their concern and are looking for guidance. At this time we only have the sheet that they have provided as official information.

Update #2: Bonny Hoyt-Hallett wanted to add some further clarifying language:

As you know the sample of the algae bloom from the Scout Camp was sent away to Quebec for testing. They did a microscopic exam and determined it was a blue green algae bloom. As you are aware some types of blue-green algae are capable of producing toxins. This bloom was not tested for toxins but we treat all blooms as potentially toxic. Please refer to the question and answer sheet provided in the welcome package or on the websites referenced for further information regarding usage / cautions.

You will see that the references are related to the bloom area itself and being cautious as we enter the water, as blooms can move with wind shifts or can completely dissipate.

I have contacted RPC to encourage them to move forward with local testing including genetic testing. They have been considering this and my contact was well received .

Again, please review the material from the websites and govern yourself as you are comfortable.

Bonny Hoyt-Hallett

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Blue-Green Algae Sightings

By Nick Spacek |  Jul 10, 2020  |

On Friday, July 10, 2020, some pictures were shared on Facebook which appear to show a bloom of blue-green algae by the Scouts Canada Lodge. The New Brunswick Department of Environment has visited the site to take samples that will be sent to a laboratory in Quebec for chemical analysis in order to determine what is present in the water and whether it poses a danger to users of the lake. The hope is that results will be returned by mid-week, next week.

The province has made available some general safety information about Blue-Green Algae on their website: Please educate yourself by following the above link; we have provided some safety information below as well.

Some blue-green algae can produce toxins, which can cause skin, eye and throat irritation. More serious health effects such as gastrointestinal illness can occur if toxins are consumed.

Public Health recommends the safety advice below for all recreational water bodies including the ones with advisories. Its important to remember that just because you don’t see it in the area your swimming, it doesn’t mean its not present elsewhere. Our safety advice is primarily targeted at humans, for animal specific information, please talk to your veterinarian.

Safety advice includes:

  • Always check the water before entering and avoid using the water if algae is present
  • Do not swallow lake or river water when swimming, and always supervise young children and pets in recreational waters.
  • Bathe or shower immediately after swimming.
  • Do not enter the water with open cuts or sores.
  • Do not use water from areas with blue-green algae blooms for drinking or cooking. Boiling the water will not remove toxins. Always obtain drinking water from a clean and safe source.
  • Fish caught from water where algae are present should have all their organs removed and be rinsed well with clean drinking water before being cooked and eaten.
  • Even if no algae are present, it is recommended you shower with clean water after being in recreational waters.
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