The result of the water sample taken at the Scout Camp last week has been received and confirmed as Blue Green Algae.

We have attached an update from the Department of Health confirming that Blue Green Algae was detected in water samples taken at the lake last week. Please read more here: AlgaeSheet.pdf

Update: We have reached out to the Department of Health for more information, as many of our residents are expressing their concern and are looking for guidance. At this time we only have the sheet that they have provided as official information.

Update #2: Bonny Hoyt-Hallett wanted to add some further clarifying language:

As you know the sample of the algae bloom from the Scout Camp was sent away to Quebec for testing. They did a microscopic exam and determined it was a blue green algae bloom. As you are aware some types of blue-green algae are capable of producing toxins. This bloom was not tested for toxins but we treat all blooms as potentially toxic. Please refer to the question and answer sheet provided in the welcome package or on the websites referenced for further information regarding usage / cautions.

You will see that the references are related to the bloom area itself and being cautious as we enter the water, as blooms can move with wind shifts or can completely dissipate.

I have contacted RPC to encourage them to move forward with local testing including genetic testing. They have been considering this and my contact was well received .

Again, please review the material from the websites and govern yourself as you are comfortable.

Bonny Hoyt-Hallett