Updated post, September 23, 2020, 7:00am

We have received a response from the Department of Environment and Local Government:

Thank you for letting us know about the bloom on Yoho Lake near the outlet. In terms of questions or messaging around public health and algae blooms please see the webpages below from the Department of Health. If residents still have further questions they can call the Fredericton Public Health office at 453-2830.




Original post, September 22, 2020

Please note a potential bloom has been noted in the outlet and Bonny Hoyt-Hallet has notified the Department of Environment and Local Government.

Please take appropriate precautions and avoid water in that area.

For those drawing water from the lake, an alternative source is recommended as lake water should not be used for bathing or cooking until the area is clear.

We will update with more information when it is available.

Please refer to the government website on algae blooms / Cyanobacteria for more information.

We have attached some pictures from the outlet, click the button below to view them.

Some pictures from the outlet.

green-ish slime

visible algae at surface