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2021 Annual General Meeting of the Yoho Lake Association

By Nick Spacek |  Aug 9, 2021  | news

Updated: August 24th

The Yoho Lake Association is planning to hold the 2021 Annual General Meeting on August 29, 2021.

In accordance with the Yoho Lake Association constitution, the following by-law changes are proposed:

  1. Addition/updates to committees, Section 8.1:

    1. Yoho Emergency Planning Committee
    2. Name change of “Communications” to “Communications / Web”
  2. Addition of position to Board, Section 7.2:

    1. Past President

Please read on for a detailed Agenda, or click here to download.

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2021 Welcome Package: Digital Edition

By Nick Spacek |  Aug 5, 2021  | news, association

Each year the Yoho Lake Association puts together a Welcome Package containing useful information about life on the lake, as well as some details about the Association and its projects. We wanted to share a digital copy of the entire package here on the site as well:

2021 Welcome Package

Included in the package, and separately here for reference, is a application form for membership to the Yoho Lake Association:

2021 Yoho Lake Association Membership Form

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Environmental Trust Fund and Shoreline Restoration

By Nick Spacek |  Jul 12, 2021  | news

The Yoho Lake Association was successful in securing an Environmental Trust Fund (ETF) grant for $8,500 to install goose fencing and shoreline vegetation and provide for educational material in order to reduce pressure on our lake.

We are also hoping to perform some shoreline restoration at properties around the lake. Please read on for more information.

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Summer 2021 Septic Pump-out Group Rate

By Nick Spacek |  Jul 5, 2021  | news

Happy Monday everyone! The Yoho Lake Association has negotiated a group rate for septic pump-outs with Nicholson’s for Summer 2021. The rate will be:

$100 trucking fee and 21.5 cents per gallon.
The dates will be July 29 and August 27

Please contact Bonny at 506-366-3515. You can leave a message, and Bonny will call you back to confirm.

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NBALA: Blue-Green Algae Reporting Procedures

By Nick Spacek |  Jun 30, 2021  | news, blue-green-algae

Please read the following message from the NB Alliance of Lake Associations (NBALA):

To NBALA members

Now that the hot weather has arrived, it is particularly critical that we keep an eye open for signs of blue green algae blooms which can potentially be toxic to humans and pets.  If a bloom is suspected at your lake, use the protocol outlined below to report it to the Department of Environment and Local Government (DELG).  

Contact your lake association who will contact tje DELG Regional Office to notify them of the bloom and send DELG the completed bloom screening questionnaire found at http://www2.gnb.ca/content/​dam/gnb/Departments/env/pdf/​Water-Eau/Algae-Algues/​AlgaeQuestionnaire.pdf).  

DELG will then notify the respective Regional Medical Officer of Health and the Dept. of Justice and Public Safety Regional Office (Public Health Inspectors are now under this Dept) that an algae bloom has been reported for their followup.  

More infomation about blooms can be found at https://www2.gnb.ca/content/​gnb/en/departments/ocmoh/​healthy_environments/content/​blue_green_algae.html This message will be posted on the NBALA Facebook page to be shared with individual lake associations.  

Sheryl Bartlett
Chair, NBALA

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June 28th, 2021 Blue-Green Algae

By Nick Spacek |  Jun 30, 2021  | news

Please read the following message from Bonny Hoyt-Hallet on behalf of the Water Monitoring team:

As some of you may have noticed on a previous post there has been some observations of a potential algae bloom along the Yoho road lakeshore edge.

Each of you had or will be receiving a package this week containing info on keeping our lake healthy, In this is a document outlining information on algae blooms and what to do or not do.

With each bloom and this will not be the only one, we will not be sampling each one. Residents should notify the monitoring committee and myself as chair, of the location and observation, so we can keep a watchful eye and notify residents to be cautious.

We must assume that each is blue green algae and toxic and avoid the area for swimming / drinking and use by animals in the area of the bloom.

So far we have been lucky and these blooms are short lived and dissipate quickly. There is no facility in NB at present to test for toxins in blue green algae but work is ongoing through NBALA / UNB and RPC. All blue green algae is not toxic but for the sake of caution we must treat it as if it were.

Our lake has been posted as of last year as a result of that algae bloom. It is posted at the only semi public entrance to our lake that being the scout camp, these signs stay in place once a lake has been identified.

DELG and Public safety will not test each bloom so it is our role to do what we can to prevent blooms and be cautious when we see one and report it to your lake Executive or Monitoring Committee. The lake is being monitored every 2 weeks and is warm and low right now and susceptible to blooms.

Bonny Hoyt-Hallett
Chair Yoho lake monitoring committee

For more information, please refer to the government website on blue-green algae.

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Government of New Brunswick Investing in Blue-Green Algae Mitigation

By Nick Spacek |  Feb 26, 2021  | news

The Government of New Brunswick announced a joint investment with the federal government and the city of Moncton of roughly $22 million to upgrade the city’s drinking water system to remove blue-green algae. The funding will also be used to research new and existing technology capable of removing the harmful by-products of the algae.

Read more here: Investment in Moncton’s drinking water system

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Call for Proposals for Creative Design Projects relating to Healthy Lake Ecosystems

By Nick Spacek |  Jan 22, 2021  | news

Another note from Briana Cowie at the NB Alliance of Lake Associations:

Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all staying safe & well. I am sending out this Call for Proposals for all NBALA lake association members to circulate. We would like to see more youth involved in our local lake associations and environmental efforts so we have created an opportunity for young people to contribute a creative design project that involves maintaining lake health. 

The details are enclosed in the attached document. We ask that you share this widely on your social media, at your dinner tables, and with your friends & family. We will select 5 project proposals and individuals who are chosen will be provided compensation in exchange for their design as a part of our “Youth Ambassadorship” program. Interested individuals are asked to contact me by February 5th with their project ideas. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s think of creative ways to get youth thinking about environmental management! 

Thanks everyone. 

Take care,


Here is more information about the Call for Proposals.

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