The Yoho Lake Association was successful in securing an Environmental Trust Fund (ETF) grant for $8,500 to install goose fencing and shoreline vegetation and provide for educational material in order to reduce pressure on our lake.

We are also hoping to perform some shoreline restoration at properties around the lake. Please read on for more information.

It is our hope that this will be a long term 5 year project if we are successful in future applications. This year will see fencing placed at the Scout Camp and wetland area, which has been agreed to by the Camp. It will be installed by volunteers in late winter/early spring to discourage geese from nesting in the area. Another area has been identified in the cove on the Jerry Chessie Road.

If you wish to have some of the fencing to install please contact Sean Haley at He will deliver with rebar to as many as we can this year. Residents will install themselves but we ask that, when removed, the fencing be returned to Sean for use the next year.

We will also be using a portion of the money to purchase shoreline vegetation that is low and native to the area to provide protection from erosion. Residents will be assisted in planting. Discussions are ongoing re cost per plant and vegetation source. The water monitoring committee will be observing areas of need but we will only plant  once property owners give permission.

If you have or know of an area you feel could benefit from shoreline restoration, please identify via e-mail to the association secretary:

Please provide address and reason for need and approximate number of feet needing vegetation. Only those who are association members will be considered. Since dollars are limited we will do this while matching need and interest first, and will apply for further funding next year.

As a cottage or home owner if you would like to also provide dollars to match this initiative, we will be able to do more sites. Since the dollars must be used by March 31, 2022, and with the growing season, we must have vegetation in ground by fall of 2021.

Please consider your shoreline, as we want to prevent run off (which adds nutrients to our lake). Grass alone does not provide sufficient buffer.