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New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations Annual General Meeting 2019

By Nick Spacek |  Sep 18, 2019  |

To all Yoho Lake Association members, we have the following invitation to present to you (see attachments for French and English originals):

The New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations would like to formally invite you and your members to attend our Annual General Meeting and our 4th Annual Lakes Conference on Saturday, November 2nd beginning at 8:30 AM. This will take place at the Riverside Resort in Mactaquac, New Brunswick.

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Yoho Lake Talk is now live!

By Nick Spacek |  Sep 17, 2019  |

A new feature has been added to the website: Yoho Lake Talk is a discussion forum for residents and friends of Yoho Lake to post and share their thoughts about our lake and community.

The forum will also be powering post comments! Now you can leave your thoughts on any of our posts by clicking on the “Read the comments” button below each post on the main page. From there you will find the current comments and a link you can follow to leave a comment of your own on the Yoho Lake Talk forum.

Sign up today on the forum! You can create a new account or use a Google account to sign in.

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Updates and Plans

By Nick Spacek |  Sep 11, 2019  |

We’ve had some feedback, and we’re listening! In the future we will be adding:

  • More ways to contact the Yoho Lake Association
  • Information for Residents (e.g. Fire Department details for insurance)
  • Historical information about the Lake

In the meantime, here is some information for everyone out there who is interested in the health of our lake ecosystem:

More information will be provided on the iNaturalist application and project in the coming weeks. If you haven’t given the app (available on Android and iOS devices) a try, you really should. It is fascinating to learn more about the plants and creatures around us (I’ve been enjoying it)!

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Fall Roadside Cleanup - Saturday, September 7th, 2019

By Nick Spacek |  Aug 30, 2019  |
Volunteers are needed for the Fall Roadside Cleanup taking place on September 7th, 2019. All those who are interested should plan to meet between 9:00am and 9:30am by the community mailboxes on Yoho Lake Road. The raindate for the cleanup is the following Saturday, September 14th, 2019.
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Clean, Drain and Dry Boat and Equipment when moving between water bodies to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS)

By Nick Spacek |  Jul 11, 2019  |

The New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations has provided a Boat Inspection bulletin to increase awareness around the risks of AIS and advocate for best practices when transferring boats and equipment between water bodies. Please read the bulletin and implement the Clean, Drain and Dry techniques to ensure the health and beauty of Yoho Lake for years to come.


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